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Coaching with Suzanna Tan

Coaching with Suzanna Tan

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching WITH Suzanna Tan

My coaching style is personal, honest and supportively challenging.  I couple this with my business acumen and results-orientated approach to help individuals and teams work to build and achieve their goals.

Executive coaching to middle/senior managers

I know what’s required to unleash career potential, manage successful career paths and develop authentic leadership skills to thrive in the complex, multi-faceted business world. 

  • Career development: promotions, roles transitions, career planning, skills development, networking

  • Leadership skills: presenting/storytelling, confidence, personal brand/self-awareness, influencing, stakeholder management, conflict management

Experienced team coach and facilitator

I  build and deliver bespoke programs, workshops, training events and awaydays. 

  • Team coaching: Improving morale, business strategy, performance goals, conflict management, stakeholder strategy, team work, high performing teams

  • Training: Storytelling, personal brand and influence, effective communicating





Suzanna Tan