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I started a YouTube channel to help university students manage and build their careers

Career coaching can sometimes be deemed as a privilege for those who can afford it in terms of time and money. Many may not even be aware a service like this exists and don’t realise the benefits of having one to one support to help work through career options, career vision and plan.

I’ve been coaching for over ten years and I wanted to find a way to use my skills, knowledge and experience to make career related learning and development accessible to more people. Whilst coaching my student clients and reflecting on my Masters in Career Development and Coaching Studies, I’ve realised there is so much I can share to support university students with their early careers.

I believe in continuous self-development through new learning, getting outside comfort zones and trying things out, and listening to constructive feedback. A number of people encouraged me to get on social media to share what I know and I thank them for their gentle nudges (you know who you are!). After doing lots of research I found YouTube is a commonly used source of information for students and invested in Sunny Lenarduzzi’s YouTube for Bosses program because I wanted to do this properly, methodically and quickly. In one month, I have five videos uploaded and over 50 ideas in the pipeline of career topics to help university students. I’m still a beginner and there’s so much more to learn and apply, but I’m enjoying the challenging process.

Feel free to watch my content and share my videos with anyone you think may find them useful.