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Coaching with Suzanna Tan


Tailored for your team or group

Team Facilitation

I work with you to build programs and workshops to challenge and engage your team that will not only bring out the best in each individual, but more importantly as one powerful team.

  • High performance

  • Vision and strategy

  • Building trust,honesty and respect

  • Moral building

  • Improving performance

  • Skills development e.g. storytelling, collaboration, stakeholder management

  • New teams or change in leadership

  • Resilience and challenging circumstances

Group Facilitation

When a group of people come together and they may not have worked together before, I quickly create the right environment for trust, honesty and respect to be built to enhance the experience for each individual.

  • Skills development e.g. storytelling, personal brand, influencing and persuasion, communication

  • Motivational mindset and limiting belief shifts

  • Self-awareness to understand the changes required

  • Resilience, change and challenging circumstances

  • Career development