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Through taking an approach that works for executives, students will develop a way to manage lifelong careers they love.

People always want to work with Suzanna because she cares and is passionately focused on driving you to be the best you can be. I’ve used her for coaching during critical times and found her approach just what I need to challenge me to think and work things through. She’s been an invaluable coach and support to me and my team. My team has had a number of sessions with her on many different areas and they always come away better than before.

If you want to grow, develop and build a happy team, I highly recommend that you contact Suzanna to help you.
— Managing Director, Financial Services, UK
Suzanna’s experience in the corporate sphere means she understands the challenges faced by professional women in business. She has a structured, organised and client-focused approach. Her life experience, open-mindedness and natural empathy with people means she is well placed to cultivate focused, pragmatic and motivational discussions. A brave entrepreneur herself, she can inspire others to re-evaluate situations and achieve their potential
— Senior Lawyer, National Practice, UK
Suzanna is an amazing, talented, warm-hearted professional career coach. At a time when I felt I had exhausted all avenues to reach a career advancement in Banking and felt I was hitting against a brick wall for 10 years, Suzanna artistically coached me using various tools to allow me to reach my long awaited career advancement to the position of Senior Manager in the Bank! With Suzanna’s incredible coaching style, I was able to access my inner self and really understand what and how I wanted to achieve my goal.
I think the best action for anyone striving for career advancement or going through transitional time, is to book an appointment with the best coach ever! Thank you Suzanna for everything, you truly go the extra mile in coaching!
— Senior Manager, Banking, Bahrain
Suzanna’s friendly, warm and dynamic approach helps you realise goals and paths to reach them in a stress-free way. Her approach will help you come to these realisations independently but her guiding hand helps you realise that there are achievable paths to reach, even the most optimistic of dreams.
— Student, University, UK
Everyone needs a Suzanna in their lives and if you are thinking a coach could help you, stop thinking and contact Suzanna. She is everything you want from a coach - lovely, positive, easy to talk to and most importantly she cares and gets great pleasure in seeing people attain their goals.

Personally, Suzanna has helped me reassess my career path and I’m now in a job that is right for me and have a game plan for the next few years. She’s an inspiration to work with and I always look forward to our coaching sessions.
— Propositions Manager, Retail Banking, UK
I have coaching with Suzanna when I need to work something through, because voicing things out just helps. She always listens, asks me questions so that I thoroughly consider every option and everything just ends up making sense. I’ve even talked to her when I was working towards a promotion which definitely helped my mindset.
— Vice President, Investing Banking, UK
I’ve been coached by Suzanna over the years and constantly go back for more at times when I need it. I’ve gone through a change in jobs, and more recently a promotion with her help. I highly recommend her inspirational coaching.
— Senior Propositions Manager, Retail Banking, UK
I’ve developed so much since working with Suzanna. She challenges me to face the hard things I try to ignore and I often hear myself asking others the questions she asks me.
— Vice President, Financial Services, UK
I’ve never had coaching and didn’t know what to expect. Talking with Suzanna helped me realise I was on the right track. Turns out I don’t need coaching at the moment, but in 18 months I know I will when I have some big decisions to face and I’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you Suzanna.
— Product Manager, Retail Banking, UK