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Coaching with Suzanna Tan
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Tailored for you

Areas of Practise

Personal Development

Developing skills, identifying gaps or dealing with issues can be tough.  If it's all spinning in your head or you just don't know where to start with it, but you know you must do something, I will help you gain clarity so you can plan and achieve your goals.  With a challenging and supportive approach, your development will be quicker and better.

Career Management

The career you have affects the life you lead.  The job you want may be right in front of you, or you may think it is just out of reach. 

What if you could reach it and have that career?  Manage your future to have the career you want.  Try a coaching with me and start your journey.

TAilored Packages

The needs of your team are personal to your business.  I will work with you to build a program to suit your needs in a practical way that will not only develop your people, but translates into success for your business.