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Coaching with Suzanna Tan
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Tailored for you


Clarity on what you aspire to and goals to focus on by inspiring your thinking to build the career you want.

  • Know your gaps and what you need to do.

  • Actioning your plan alongside life.

  • Developing and managing stakeholder relationships.

  • Optimising work experience.

  • Building the content for a credible CV.

  • Shining at assessment days and being interview smart.

  • Developing and sharpening relevant skills.

  • Self-awareness and understanding who you are to build your authentic personal brand.


Clarity on what is needed to make that step-change in performance that challenges your norm.

  • Identifying areas for change.

  • Developing, using and honing your personal strengths.

  • Making fundamental changes to behaviour.

  • Improving performance in key areas.

  • Motivational mindset and limiting belief shifts.

  • Self-awareness to understand the changes required.

  • Moving on from detrimental habits and building on beneficial habits.

  • Resilience, change and challenging circumstances.


Developing and honing leadership qualities and behaviours to drive successful personal, team and business results.

  • Building your authentic personal brand.

  • Having gravitas, influence and personal impact.

  • Developing an adaptable communication style for all stakeholders.

  • Enagaging with powerful storytelling.

  • Step change from managing to leading.

  • Conflict management.

  • Optimising team performance.

  • Structuring and organising your office.