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Coaching with Suzanna Tan
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Suzanna Tan


I’m Suzanna and I use executive coaching to help university students get career ready.

I believe that to have the career you want, you must prepare through building the experience and skills which will last you a lifetime.

Sometimes a little help is needed, so I’ve used my experience and skills to share resources you can use to get yourselves career ready.

A little more about me

After graduating I moved to Asia to begin my 25 year career in financial services, before settling back in the UK to work with a FTSE 100 company.  I am an experienced senior leader with diverse management experience across stockbroking, accountancy and retail banking and a decade of career coaching experience helping middle/senior managers prepare and get the jobs they want.

I live by my ethos of continuous personal development and complete my Masters in Career Development and Coaching Studies at the University of Warwick this year.

I am a mum to a teenage daughter and care passionately about supporting young people make the most of every opportunity to create a life they love living.