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Suzanna Tan


Suzanna TAn

I am the founder of Coaching ST, a fully accredited Executive Coach and member of the Association for Coaching, and a member of the Career Development Institute.

I live by my ethos of continuous development. I am qualified with a Diploma in Coaching and complete my Masters in Career Development and Coaching Studies at the University of Warwick this year.


After graduating I moved to Asia to begin my 23 year career in financial services, before settling back in the UK to work with a FTSE 100 company.  I am an experienced senior leader with diverse management experience across stockbroking, accountancy and retail banking and almost a decade of career coaching experience.

My capacity to see the big picture from different viewpoints is what makes me able to bridge the gap between all parties. I translate the complex into simple reality, proven by my successful track record of initiating and leading business change through simplification, cost reduction and income generating projects.

I’m also known for cultivating the optimal development culture for businesses and individuals.  As a natural people person, I am a veteran at leading and facilitating groups and teams, and a seasoned inspirational coach and mentor.

Who I work with

Corporate: I specialise in tailored coaching programs working with organisations passionate about people development. 

Private clients: Most of my private clients are middle/senior managers or students, who need help with career planning, improving skills, promotion or job changes. 

Clients value my business acumen coupled with my straight-talking and focused style, because my supportively challenging approach motivates results quickly.  I am honest and deeply exploratory to purposely increase your self-awareness and reality, so my coaching can result in powerful emotional reactions.